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Wandering Jew

This popular plant will bring striking color and texture to the interiorscape. Get the full effect of cascading habit by display in a hanging basket or on a pedestal. Tradescantia is so easy to grow, that it also does will in combination with other plants in a mixed container.  Pinch back stems for a more bushy appearance. Periodically, small flowers bloom at stem tips.

Companion Plants

Kimberly Queen Fern

Spider Plant

Wandering Jew

Plant Details

  • Common name

    Wandering Jew

  • Botanical name


  • Variety


  • Zone

    Prefers moderate home temperatures of 55-70°F (13-21°C)

  • Light

    Low light (indoors)

  • Height

    Trails 24-48" (61-122 cm)

  • Habit


  • Feed

    Once a month.

  • Water

    Keep soil relatively dry. Water only when soil surface feels dry to the touch.

  • Bloom Time

    Foliage plant.

  • Maintenance

    Avoid overwatering.