Oriental Lilies

Care Tips

Oriental lilies are superior long lasting cut flowers, blooming for 7 to 14 days depending on the variety. Look for flowers with buds and follow these simple tips to prolong the blooms:

  1. Holding the lily stems under running water, cut about one inch off each stem with a sharp knife or shears.
  2. Colorful upward facing blooms are sure to stand out
  3. Fill a vase with water. If using floral foam, let it soak until completely submerged.
  4. Add a packet of flower food.
  5. Slant the cut stems at a 45-degree angle and remove the leaves that fall beneath the water line, as they will start deteriorate.
  6. Lilies are thirsty flowers. Check to see that the vase is full and add fresh water as needed.
  7. Clip off fading blooms to room for new ones. 

About Lilies

Fragrance, elegance, and a striking silhouette make lilies indispensable cut flowers all year round. With hundreds of shades to choose from and large trumpet shaped flowers on long sturdy stems, lilies enhance the mood of any room and make for an ideal hostess gift, wedding bouquets or table centerpiece. Their beauty and fragrance have captivated the hearts of many, rivaling the rose in popularity. As the precaution against gilding the lily suggests, lilies are the only ornamentation you'll need.

Lilies held a role in ancient mythology, so perfect they were thought to come from the heavens, so breathtaking it was unimaginable they could have originated on earth. With such adoration, lilies have been under cultivation longer than any other ornamental flower, existing in the gardens of the Himalayas over 3,000 years ago. With names like Oriental, stargazers, and trumpet their names are evocative of far away places, dreams, and musicality.

Lilies are one of the most popular cut flower throughout the world

Over the centuries, lilies have come to symbolize desired virtues like hope, faith, purity, innocence and aspirational meanings like prosperity, wealth and pride. They are also a sign of remembrance. White lilies have long symbolized purity and chastity, making them a traditional flower for weddings, Easter and birthdays. Tiger lilies in deep shades of orange symbolize wealth and pride. They are great for new graduates, promotions and congratulations.

Pink stargazer lilies reflect the blush of youth. They're a great way to express birthday wishes for the young at heart. Red lilies express passionate love and desire, a favorite on Valentine's Day and Anniversaries! As a symbol of royalty and admiration, regal purple lilies are perfect for special occasions and to say congratulations!

Old wives tales suggest you can determine the gender of an unborn child simply by offering a rose and a lily. If she accepts the rose it's a girl, the lily it's a boy. Dreaming of lilies means the time is right to act upon a long held plan. They are also the May birth flower, the 30th anniversary flower, and state flower of Utah.

Splash into summer by mixing Asiatic yellow lilies with hot pink and orange roses.


Time to throw away your artificial air fresheners, one lily is enough to scent an entire room! By themselves lilies are eye catching enough, but they also look great paired with more delicate flowers and greenery. No matter the décor, there's sure to be a lily that complements your color palette.


White and ivory lilies are classic wedding flowers. Florists and designers have capitalized on the long stems, captivating guests with towering centerpieces, or bending their pliable stems to create curved flower sculptures. Try pairing Oriental lilies with hydrangea to create tiers of color that will have guests fighting over who will take the centerpiece home.


For an exquisite yet simple display, pair long-stem roses and oriental lilies. Try monochromatic colors for a subtle effect or contrasting colors for a bold statement.

Pink lilies are perfect for any occasion, combining fragrance and beauty.


Between football games, Thanksgiving gatherings and Halloween, fall is a time for entertaining. Enhance the festive atmosphere with lilies and mums in shades of crimson, bronze and burgundy.


Oriental lilies are superb cut flowers with large buds opening over several weeks to 8-12 inch flowers. With their succession of blooms and intense fragrance, a single stalk paired with 3 to 5 flowers in a vase ensures a fabulous presentation!


For a summer event, pair cool white Oriental lilies with pastel pink cabbage roses and lime green cymbidium orchids.

A simple bouquet of lilies makes a dramatic impact!

For a richer monochromatic display, surround deep purple and burgundy lilies with lavender phlox and dark pink hydrangeas!

Having a BBQ? Splash into summer by mixing Asiatic yellow lilies with hot pink and orange roses. Add some asters and lime green chrysanthemums and your stylish summer arrangement is ready to go!

What to know


  1. Use odd numbers of stems for a more interesting design.
  2. Arrange lilies at varying heights to contrast colors and sizes.
  3. Arrange all the lilies first then add other flowers to ensure even space.
  4. Temperature is key to the lifespan of flowers. Display your fresh cut lily arrangements in a cool area out of direct sunlight and drafts.


  1. Lilies produce lots of pollen – when using them in flower arrangements; it's a good idea to remove the yellow anthers once the flower is fully opened. This prevents pollen from staining the petals and helps prolong the flower's bloom.
  2. To remove pollen from your clothing, simply use sticky tape.

  3. If you have cats, keep them away from lilies – the flowers and leaves are both extremely toxic and can cause kidney failure.
  4. If you need flowers to open quickly for an event, place in luke warm water and cover with a plastic bag to increase the temperature in humidity.


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