Care Tips:

Carnations are long lasting cut flowers that can remain fresh for 7-14 days. By following these few simple care tips, you’ll maximize vase life and enjoy your carnations for up to two weeks:

  1. When you get home, stand your wrapped carnations in water so they can get a good drink while you’re getting the vase ready.
  2. Fill a vase with water and allow it to come to room temperature. If you are using floral foam, let it soak until it is fully saturated and sinks to the bottom.
  3. Add a packet of flower food to extend bloom life. If you don’t have flower food, dissolve half a teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and a few drops of bleach in 4 cups of water to create a home-made substitute.
  4. Slant cut the stems to the desired length, cutting just above one of the nodes on the stem. Flower stems naturally begin to seal their ends, so cutting them helps the flower to take in fresh clean water and extends their vase life. The shorter the stem the more water will feed the bloom.
  5. Remove any leaves that will be submerged as these will rot over time.
  6. Frilly and fragrant carnations have been a part of celebrations for centuries
  7. Arrange stems to your liking, varying the height and position. Add other flowers to the arrangement once all the roses are positioned.
  8. Change the water if it starts looking cloudy, rinse the stems clean.
  9. You may also want to recut the stems under water to help the flower uptake water – cut just above the next node on the stem.

About Carnations:

With their ruffled petals and sweet scent of cloves, carnations add beauty and fragrance to any room or event. They’re an excellent cut flower with true staying power, outlasting most others in a vase, bouquet, or boutonniere. These pretty blooms are also edible and can be used as decorations on cakes, added to salads for a splash of color, or frozen in ice cubes for a festive cocktail.

Carnations and celebrations have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. The ancient Greeks used them in coronation ceremonies, weaving headbands of carnations worn during the celebration. They’ve adorned the lapels of bride grooms as they walk down the aisle, are pinned to tuxedos for proms, and worn on St. Patrick’s Day as a touch of green.

Surrounded by mythology and scientifically named Dianthus, which translates to “Flowers of the God” and “Flowers of Love”, their charming blooms signify virtues of love and enchantment, with each shade adding a nuance to their general meaning.

Carnations bloom in hues of white, pink, red, and purple with solid or variegated petals

• Pink symbolizes a mother’s underlying love

• Light red represents admiration and friendship

• Crimson expresses deep love and affection

• White conveys pure love, faithfulness and innocence

• Yellow signifies rejection and disappointment

• Purple denotes capriciousness


Simple yet sophisticated, carnations can transform any setting with undeniable charm and alluring fragrance. Densely packed in a simple vase, they’re guaranteed to turn heads and impress guests with a mass of rich, saturated color.

Monochromic blooms tightly bunched in a simple vase create a stunning display

Paired with foliage for texture and smaller flowers like baby’s breath for contrast, there couldn’t be an easier way to decorate. Some of our other favorite combinations include the following:

Classic: Carnations and roses in shades of salmon, coral, mango, and blush create a demure arrangement that warms a room. Keep the arrangement short and crowded with blooms for an elegant silhouette.


Tightly bunched in pure white or shades of red and hand-tied with a coordinating ribbon, carnations are dramatic and meaningful for the wedding ceremony. These durable flowers will stay fresh and pretty for the photos and throughout the reception.


White carnations, roses, hydrangeas, and calla lilies with a splash of lime green spider mums is stylish mix of subtle contrasts and textures.


Combine green carnations with white anthuriums, arching green ferns, and large banana leaves to create a lush arrangement for a sultry setting.


Alstroemeria and carnations in monochromatic shades of any color add warmth and optimism to a room.

Green carnations are a great alternative to foliage - adding subtle color and texture!
What to know

Rules of Thumb:

  1. Use odd numbers of stems for an interesting display.
  2. To maximize the vase life place the flowers in a cool spot removed from direct sun exposure and other source of heat.
  3. Do not display carnations near fresh fruit and vegetables - they emit ethylene and shorten the life span.

Special Meanings:

  1. Carnations are the traditional flower for many special events, including:
  2. 1st wedding anniversary
  3. -Mother’s Day
  4. -January birth flower


  1. White carnations can dyed virtually any color by soaking fresh stems in water saturated with food-coloring.
  2. The word pink is derived from the frilly edges of carnation flowers.
  3. Carnations are the state flower of Ohio.


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