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Shopping list

Here's your shopping list. Feel free to take risks and make substitutions if you see a flower you love or can't find a particular plant. Just check the plant tags to be sure your choices are suited to your growing conditions.

Anna A.'s collection

Bee Balm

Plant Type : Perennial

Bloom Color : Red

Light : Sun


Plant Type : Perennial

Bloom Color : Purple

Light : Sun


Plant Type : Perennial

Light : Part sun


Plant Type : Bulb

Bloom Color : Pink

Light : Sun


Plant Type : Flowering shrub

Bloom Color : Mix

Light : Sun


Plant Type : Shrub

Light : Sun

Save your plant tags! And note what worked well from year to year. Plant them near the plant or tape them in a note-book to keep good information close at hand.


Note where you purchased your plants in case you have questions or need advice.

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